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What would be the ideal career for you? I am talking about the job of your dreams. I think for me it would be to write films. Of course I would want to be able to dictate what actually stays in the script, but that would probably mean producing and directing the film as well. The screenwriters are sadly at the bottom of the food chain. Oh well, don’t feel sorry for them. They get paid a lot of money. Anyway, that’s my perfect career, so what is yours? Maybe you would like to have a private work environment where you’re never disturbed. Or maybe you’re searching for careers with animals, as opposed to dealing with humans on a daily basis. I can definitely understand this. People can be rather irksome at times. Especially ones telling you what to do. Catch my drift?

Pet Shop Boys star Neil Tennant has paid tribute to the group’s former manager as a “genuine larger-than-life personality”.


What are some wonderful careers with animals? Well, let’s take a stab at this one. I think the job position that practically jumps out at everyone is veterinarian. This is certainly one of the more respected careers with animals. Not only are you working with mammals on a daily basis, but you are literally their doctor. How sweet is that! You can tell everyone that you’re a doctor when they ask, but you don’t have the burden of having to be confined to a hospital day-in and day-out. Well, at least not one of the virus and disease-ridden human hospitals. Another one of the various careers with animals you could choose is that of a zoologist. How would you like dealing with zoo habitats on a daily basis? Wouldn’t it be amazing to work head to head with lions, tigers, and bears, oh my? It definitely sounds better than sitting in an office cubicle all day long.

If careers with animals are what you plan to strive for in life, then it’s time to get the scoop on things. This is simple with the world at your very fingertips. You should hop online and see what is required for certain careers with animals. In all likelihood you can get that education you need at a school near you. Soon you will be enjoying your career, and helping a variety of animals stay healthy and safe. If careers with animals sound like your calling, get started today.

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