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So, you want to be a gardening professional? Gardening jobs to work your way up as you learn and earn

Some people love to garden in their own backyards, but only as a hobby. Others love nothing better, and dream of having a career in working with plant life. Many of you may dismiss the idea, thinking there’s no way to accomplish your heart’s desire. In fact, there are plenty of gardening jobs you can get now. If your knowledge base consists of pure desire and experimentation, you may have to start at the bottom rung of available gardening jobs and work your way up. On the other hand, you may have skills which may be exploited to land you a gardening job somewhere in the middle. Let’s take a look at your possibilities.

Louise Golden, resident gardening expert at Dobbies Garden Centres, has put together some quick and simple jobs that can be completed within that golden hour, still giving you plenty of time for a cuppa and a sandwich…


There are probably half a dozen people, right in your own neighborhood, who would love to hire you for general yard work, such as mowing, weeding, planting beds and cleanup work. You’ll have to hustle this work yourself and build up your client base until your income is sufficient to live on. Then you can quit your day – or night – job. There, you have a start!

Another gardening job possibility is growing and selling plant starts. Many people have done such a venture with the simple goal of making some extra cash and ended up with a full time business. Grow vegetable, flower and ornamental starts which thrive in your area. Price them right and have a yard sale.

Have you ever called your county extension office for advice on soil preparation or tips for an ailing plant? If so, you know they know their business. You can learn a great deal with this gardening job. Most county extension services have a Master Horticulturist on staff, at least part time. Land a job here and make that expert a friend.

Once you have a little yard work under your belt, along with some stellar references, you might want to approach land developers and landscaping services. Some of these gardening jobs run year around. The work is hard, but you’ll learn and gain familiarity with specialized tools to do certain jobs. Another feather in your career cap. A big name developer or landscaper also helps your resume down the road.

If you’ve grown up tending your family’s house plants, it may be quite easy to get a gardening job at your local nursery. Family owned nurseries are always receptive to local people who are knowledgeable about the nursery products. Your chances improve with repeat visits. Get to know both staff and owners to increase your chances of being hired.

All the while, read every book you can get your hands on to develop your expertise. Sign up for community college classes. Read up online. Get any formal training which will increase your marketability. Go for a degree. In time, you’ll achieve your dream. Where else can you learn while you earn?

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