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They’re called jobs. Unfortunately most of us have to have them, and they don’t always turn out to be exactly what we wanted. Hmm, what can we do about this little dilemma? Well, it’s not like we can write-off jobs altogether. That wouldn’t be a prudent move considering we need them to earn capital. I guess all there is to do is try and try again. Search here and there until you find that career that’s truly ideal for you. Or at least one that you can stand enough to deal with for 40 hours a week. On the bright side, this process has been simplified. We currently live in a world where the traditional job classified section of the newspaper is forgotten. Now it’s all about job search engines found online. So if you’re not jacked into the Internet, it’s time.

As a result, today I’m reflecting on my career and personal timeline. My hope is that it will help you find healthy ways to align your identity (both personal and work) to your overall well-being.


After college I thought it would be difficult to find any jobs whatsoever. You see, at that time I lived in Oregon, and all I ever heard from anyone was that the job market was atrocious and dismal. I wondered how I would ever find any place of employment. But, things weren’t so bleak. I hopped on the web and began to discover job search engines. and are two of the major ones. These two sites can work wonders. If you’ve not tried job search engines yet, this is how it goes. You can simply select your area of expertise/education. Then you can narrow it down to a specific region or try a nationwide search. If you’re only interested in electrical engineering positions found in North Carolina, no problem. Another cool aspect of job search engines is that you can punch in your actual degree. This will present you with some results as well.

Your resume is a crucial part of finding the right job. This is why you’ll want it to look pristine before placing it on job search engines for companies and headhunters to view. And if you’re sending your resume to a specific potential employer, be sure that you alter it slightly to suit that company’s needs. It’s imperative to consider all the competition you’re vying with. You have to put your best foot forward to succeed and get where you want to be.

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