Jobs For Students

School is out and summer is here! Summer jobs for students are a great way to make extra cash and get some great on-the-job experience too. There are lots of jobs for students located across the country for teenagers and college students, including part-time and summer employment, or work study programs. Part-time jobs for high school students aren’t just limited to mowing lawns, babysitting, and paper routes. There are opportunities through schools and the local government for summer help with kids’ recreation and activities programs, such as sports camps, Scout camps, arts and crafts days, field trips, and other sponsored summer youth events.

A Highlands High School School Engineering, Robotics, Anatomy & Physiology Teacher has been inspiring his students to do well beyond his own classroom.


A minimum age requirement differs from state to state for teenagers and it also depends on what type of job is involved. Paperboys must be twelve and older in some rural states and must be sixteen in others. Other jobs for students require teenagers to be at least sixteen, such as a carhop at Sonic for example, and eighteen to work as a cashier in a grocery store, depending on the grocery store of course.

Jobs for college students can be available through a college work study program either for the summer or by the semester. Candidates must qualify financially to participate in work study, which may or may not be related to the student’s major course of study. This is a great way for students to support themselves while in school and not have to leave the campus. Work study schedules are often very flexible and can be adjusted according to academic schedule and other part-time employment. Jobs for students are posted at various locations throughout the campus and in the human resources department.

Many times students go back to their homes during the summer, which leaves more jobs for students who remain on campus. Paid summer internships may also be an option for some students. In addition to getting paid, they earn credit toward degree completion. And of course, jobs for students are also abundant out in the community for year round part-time, hourly, or summer employment.

The internet is also a great place to visit when looking for jobs for students. Teenagers and college-age students can find jobs on or There are also part-time and summer employment opportunities available with the government at These jobs for college students can include teaching opportunities with a number of federal agencies, and internships at the White House (yes, just like Monica Lewinsky!).

Jobs for students can be very competitive, so the earlier the application is turned in the better, especially if it is connected to employment post-graduation or is academically related.

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