List of Careers

When you are thinking of changing your job focus you need to consider what your strong suits are. Too many people follow a career path that is in an area they don’t really enjoy. These are typically the people you’ll notice are complaining loudly about how much they despise their job. It’s so much better to think about what you enjoy doing and then finding a job that will allow you to do that. A great tool to use in that search is a list of careers. Most people don’t even realize the full scope of careers that are actually available to them.

A fantastic place to start is by listing all your interests. Don’t just list interests that are related to the job you hold now. List everything including hobbies, sports and pastimes. It may be surprising to learn that video game tester and secret shopper are both on the list of careers. You can actually make a living doing something that you love if you just do a bit of research and know where to look for opportunities.

Some 70 percent of employees are somewhat likely to accept a job with a company that’s known for investing in employee learning and career development, according to a national survey from Instructure (and conducted by The Harris Poll).


Also take into consideration any training you’ve had. This can include both educational achievements you’ve got under your belt, but also on-the-job training. Many companies create seminars to teach their employees certain skills. These skills may come in handy when you are looking over the list of careers to find a good match for you.

The amount of future education you are interested in also plays a part. If you’ve been to college and have earned a degree and have no interest in additional schooling, that will limit your choices on the list of careers. If you are open to pursuing another degree or diploma you’ll find you have a lot of potential jobs to choose from.

It’s been said that the average person changes careers three times in their lives before they retire. Unless you have a job that you adore you may find yourself fitting in with that average. It can be exciting and rewarding to take a new direction in life. Even if you feel that you are stuck in your current position because of financial obligations, consider the fact that many jobs require little to no training and you can be working as soon as you are hired. This makes the transition from one career to another much easier.

Spending your days doing something you enjoy can lead to a much more fulfilling life. You’ll find that you are happier and you enjoy getting out of bed and heading to the office. Take a look over a list of careers today and consider making the leap to a job you truly love.

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