Night Shift Jobs

Thinking of taking a night shift job? See if it’s a good choice for you

The vast majority of people must work to earn a living. Sometimes our employment choices and shift times aren’t ours to choose. When a job market is poor, or you’re new in your field, you may just have to work a night shift job. Now there are some people who truly enjoy night shift jobs and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Step outside, and the 24/7 activity doesn’t stop. You’ll find dozens of other round-the-clock businesses nearby. Restaurants. Hotels. Convenience stores. Supermarket chains.


However, before you take a night job position, take a close look at how your life may change. See if you’re well suited to working in the wee hours. You’ve got to have certain characteristics and a nature suited to an inverted job schedule. If you don’t, it may not work out.

Night shift jobs are generally those with a midnight to 8am, or 11pm – 7am schedule. The so-called swing shift jobs begin mid-afternoon, ending at 11pm or midnight.
Are you a ‘night’ person? This is someone who thrives during the hours when most other people are sleeping and has no trouble sleeping while it’s still light.
If this doesn’t sound like you, you’ll want to carefully consider just how badly you want, or need, this night shift job. Young people fare far better with a turned-around schedule than do older people. If you’re older and definitely not a night person, know that your new job will require considerable adjustment on your part, and quickly.

You know you’re a ‘day’ person by nature if you’ve always been an early riser, up before the birds and happy about it. You’ll have the greatest difficulty in adjusting to a night shift job, especially if you’re older. While young ‘day’ people can burn the candle at both ends, as you get older this is certainly no longer the case!
People who work night shift jobs often don’t get enough sunlight during the day and this can disrupt your circadian rhythms, resulting eventually in insomnia or disturbed and piecemeal sleep patterns.

Married people who work opposite shift jobs often run into personal problems with one another. It’s hard to get some quality time with your spouse from opposite sides of the clock. Some married couples with kids do this on a necessity basis, to save the cost of day care. If this is where you’re at, try to work out time together before you take that night shift job. Be aware that this situation can be hard on kids, too, so take that into account.

That said, forewarned is forearmed. Think carefully and if you’re that day person, work out solutions and workarounds before you take that night job. On the other hand, if you’re a night person, this may just be your cup of tea.

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